List of vednors, artists, and exhibitors selling at the convention.

If you are interested in selling at the convention contact

Forever Nerdy: homemade Crocheted Action Figures and Little Furries sensory toys which are stuffed animals with Squish balls inside them, as well as shoulder friends.

Leveling Up XP: a company committed to providing the best eXperiences and Products for tabletop gamers

Mike’s Mini Figs: Seller of custom Lego minifigures

Valiant’s Portal: New sibling run business. They sell a mix of gaming supplies and decorative items. Custom dice and dice boxes, card deck boxes, gaming related key chains and dice trays. They also build custom D&D terrain and display shelves. Most of what they build is gaming or cryptid themed.

Cowabunga Games and Collectibles:  a fun family oriented video game and TCG store in Cross Lanes

Dragon’s Den: game and comic store in Beckley with Warhammer, Magic, YuGiOh, Pokemon, Flesh & Blood and more

Eric Estep: video games and consoles

Yojimbu Inc: We sell Manga, Plushies, Dice, Figure, TCG Cards, Decals, Stickers, Pokemon, Magnets, Clothing, Board Games, Decals, Gundam, Models, and Pins

Special Beam Designs: Custom Anime & Nerdy resin coasters

Third Floor Comics: Your one stop for comics, toys, figures, cards, records, and games. In Nitro

Resonated Media Art: MD Boncher is an indy author of the Viking fantasy series Akiniqazi Saga and the upcoming pulp serial Tales of the Dream Nebula, a sci-fi series pitched as “smokey and the bandit meets Flash Gordon meets the Matrix meets Talespin.”

Author Shelly Jarvis

Artist Huntress Studios

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