Guest Writer and Podcaster Terry Bartley

Terry Bartley is a fantasy writer. He has been writing short stories set in his original fantasy universe, Galevyn, for the past year using various characters. You can read all of them on his website. You can also get them in the upcoming collection of short stories, Tyranny of the Fey.

He also hosts the podcast “Most Writers Are Fans,” about the intersection between writing and fandom. Every episode he invites a different writer to discuss their writing journey with them. He features fiction and non-fiction, game designers, and songwriters. It is a lot of fun and provides insight into what it is like to be an independent creative.

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Terry is a journalism, literature, and English teacher at Scott Hight School. Terry has professionally written for the Coal Valley News and Screenrant. He has won awards for writing and broadcasting from the West Virginia Associated Press, the National Broadcasting Society, and MarCom. He has a B.A. in English from the University of Phoenix and an M.A. in English Education from Western Governor’s University.

Guest Podcasters Muggle with a Mic

Muggle with a Mic was started in April 2020 by host/creator/producer Kaiti who is joined by her long time friend and co-host Phil as they discuss movies, television and other pop culture topics. From Harry Potter and Star Wars to The Office and Jane Austen … we cover it all! Join the duo along with other friends each episode as they show off their drinking vessels (aka mugs), discuss movie news, and review movies and television shows. Most episodes end with fun topical quizzes that test guests, hosts and listeners! Episodes include an interview with New York based character actor Nick Reynolds (The Blacklist, Orange is the New Black, Succession and more), multiple musical episodes including an interview with CAPA’s Lisa Minken, Retro Gaming episode with Generation Gap Gaming’s Tyler Evans, Star Wars galore and so much more! 

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The Official Podcast of the Final Boss Con

Guest Podcast Random Geek Culture in WV

Random Geek Culture in West Virginia 

It is what the name implies, the random culture of the geek nation from the perspective of a couple of West Virginia boys.

Luke Hersey the host, who is the jack of all geeks, will be at Dualcon this coming February

Also on the podcast is; Mike Mallow the author and journalists, Alex McLean the WV ranked fencer and Anime buff, and Greg Philips photographer and WV tourist aficionado.

We talk about Movies, TV, books, videogames, toys, survival, gardening, etc. If it’s something you can geek out about we talk about it.

Geeks United!

We now have all our content linked to one site!

Guest Podcaster The Horror of Babylon

Welcome to “The Horror of Babylon”, your favorite horror book club podcast. Join us as we delve into the depths of literature’s most warped minds: King, Stoker, Shelley, Ito, Matheson, Koontz, Jackson and many more. With us, you will face demons that lie in wait and experience nightmares that shall leave you sleepless. Do you have the courage to enter our circle? If not, will you bow to our threats? We think you will…

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Guest Podcaster MeisterKhan

Meisterkhan, LLC is the brainchild of Michael and Brett Wall. Starting as a Facebook page and evolving to include the Too Opinionated Podcast, Meisterkhan is a safe haven for your inner geek. 

The Too Opinionated podcast includes over 400 celebrity interviews and is listened to by millions in 74 countries around the globe. We have interviewed stars from hit shows such as Halo, American Rust, The Morning Show, Virgin River, FROM, The Witcher, Super Pumped, Bones, Ghosts, B Positive, Bosch, Peacemaker, The Gilded Age, The Mandalorian, Midnight Mass, Succession, Foundation and Chapelwaite. From movies such as Black Widow, Hellboy, Being the Ricardos and The Voyeurs. From geek favorites such as Stargate SG-1, The Expanse, Fringe, The Batwoman, The Flash, Stargirl, Wheel of Time, Firefly, Resident Alien, Gotham, Babylon 5, Farscape, and all of the Star Trek shows. We have interviewed classic stars such as Ed Asner, Sherilyn Fenn, Loni Anderson, Marc Singer, Erika Eleniak, Bai Ling, Alexandra Paul, Mary Catherine Stewart, Lance Guest, Natasha Henstridge, Nicole Bilderback, Ed Begley Jr., Olivia d’Abo, and Adrienne Barbeau. We have held panel interviews with the cast from The Doom Patrol and the Walking Dead. We have had voice acting talents such as Ben Giroux, Montse Hernandez, Adam McArthur, Amber Nash and Rob Paulson appear on the show. Music wise we have spoken to Alicia Witt, Acid Jazz pioneer Monday Mirichu, Saturday Night Live’s John Zonars and dozens of other up and coming artists. We even interview authors such as Birdbox writer Josh Malerman. 

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