Some Things to Check Out

I wanted to share some information on what our Guests, Vendors, and GMs are up to.

MonRiverGames is hosting their Spring Indie Showcase of regional game studios in Morgantown on April 1st.

Bryan Larch is having a Kickstarter for his solo-play, d6, pen and paper fantasy adventure game: Random Quest Dungeon Delve.

Oh Crap! is collaborating with itgirlfriday for a secret card in the their game. More info will be out on Friday.

John Russo has joined Cameo.

Terry Bartley’s debut book, Tryanny of the Fey, is available for pre-order.

Valiant’s Portal is doing a pop up shop at Milton Flea Market this weekend.

Henlo Press has a Kickstarter coming out soon.

Blue Falcon Gaming will be at the Spring Indie Showcase demoing new board games they are developing.

CharCon has picked their theme for this year; time travel.

Bit of a reunion at HerdCon this Saturday, with lots of familiar faces on the vendors page.

Also we will be helping out local con EagleCon on April 15th.

Guest Game Creator Bryan Larch

Bryan Larch, a lifelong resident of West Virginia that recently re-discovered the joy and excitement of playing Dungeons & Dragons. For the past few years, ever since his sons asked him to teach them to play D&D, he has been writing old-school, 1e AD&D, home-brewed adventures. He has had the pleasure to DM all of them with many great and wonderful players that love the game as much as him. On several occasions, a few of those players suggested he publish their adventures so others can run them as well. He was reluctant at first but then decided to give it a shot after he was given the opportunity to submit an adventure for Flipping & Turning magazine published by Smoldering Dung Games. He then realized, with some effort on his part and some teamwork, it may be possible for him to be able to pull together the resources needed to produce an adventure module.

On the Edge of Wilderland” is the result of those efforts. This module has been designed to be played with the AD&D ruleset. It contains three inter-related adventures for PCs ranging in levels 2nd-4th. Each adventure can be played as a “one-shot”. Or play all three of them (in any order) in an attempt to survive the entire module. Either way, the DM and players will enjoy this old-school style adventure module. Each of the adventures have detailed maps and a random encounter chart. Also, there is a chart listing several of the important NPCs the characters may meet during their stay at the Twin Fort, an impressive military outpost. In addition, there are eight pre-generated characters from which the players can choose if need be.  

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