Play to Win Games

Blue Falcon Board Gaming will be running some Play to Win Games for DualCon.

The rules to enter are simple. Checkout the game from the game library at Blue Falcon’s booth. Play the game, return the game. Get listed in a drawing to win the game. Enjoy.

You start checking out games at the start of the day till 6pm. All games are due back from playing at 7pm. The raffle drawings for each game will be at 7:30pm.

Games are Gloom and Murder of Crows donated by Atlas Games; Berried Treasure and Battle of Legends Volume Two donated by Restoration Games; Orc, Orcs, Orcs donated by an attendee; and finally Burst My Bubble donated by Day Dream Games in Princeton from the creator of the game who could not make it to the con.

If you do not win any of the games, we will have a second chance drawing to win one of three Sandbox Adventures modules from Headless Hydra Press for 5E.

Gaming Group Blue Falcon Board Gaming

Blue Falcon Board Gaming is a gaming group in the Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia tristate area founded by US Marine Corps Veteran Corey Clark. The group hopes to promote positive mental health through board gaming by assisting community organizations and events making board gaming more accessible to everyone by hosting game demos and playthroughs.

They will be running board game demos at the convention and helping out with the our mental health and gaming panel.

Keep up with them on their Facebook Page.

Some up coming events from them:

June 25th- Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances demo at Bear’s Lair Games in Havelock, NC

July 2nd- Sherlock: Case Connection demo at The Board Room in Charleston WV

July 10th- Pocket Detective Season 1 demo at The Board Room in Charleston WV

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