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W1Shelly Jarvis BooksN1TsubasaconN17Fyre GamesSVariegated Velociraptor
W2Huntress StudiosN2CharConN18Mon River GamesS2Valiant’s Portal
W3Horror of BabylonN3WyvaconN19Lasso GamesS3Special Beam Designs
W4Rand Geek Culture WVN4Final Boss ConN20Henlo PressS4Mike’s Mini Figs
W5Kanawha Valley Astronomical SocietyN5Bryan LarchN21Terry BartletS5Dragon’s Den
W6Outer RimN6Noble QuestsN22JD ByrneS6Resonant Media Arts
W7Imperial LegionN7Lesser Earth GamesN23John RussoS7Forever Nerdy
W8Barony of Black StoneN8Oh CrapN24Gary VincentS8Pikeville Comic Con
W9Katwoman CosplayN9Pithy ProductionsS9Two Tinkers
W10Mossly KenzieN10Arthos WorldS10Ramsey Creative Emporium
W11Sparkletime StoreN11Lonely Hero GamesS11Third Floor Comics
N12Blue FalconS12CauseaCon
E1American Foundation for Suicide PreventionN13Charlie West PinballS13Beckly Game Expo
E2Charity RaffleN14USS MountaineerS14Frontier Fiber
E3Life SizeN15Board Game HouseS15Yojimbu Inc
FiguresN16Derek Croston

Guest Game Creators Critically Absurd TV

Critically Absurd TV is a producer of media production, journalism, and games.

They produce productions of conventions, business, special events, TV, movies, video games, tale-top games, and more.

They will be interviewing people people at the convention. Find them and have a little chat with them.

Their game of Nights of Strife plays 6-25 players for 30 minutes to an hour of play. It is a social deduction games similar to Town of Salem. A story driven social deduction set in the 1890s Europe filled monsters.

Critically Absurd TV will be running the game for hours starting at 10am. Come by for a pick up game or just hang out and learn to play. They have their own area of the con floor.

Get your own copy here from The Game Crafter.

Charlie West Pinball

Charlie West Pinball is sharing their passion for Pinball with Charleston, WV by providing the highest quality games, a community spirit, and recreational pinball competition. They are going to share the that with us.

They will be bringing two pinball machines Chafor all to play for free; Jurassic Park and Demolition Man. They will be running tournaments for each of the machines. Jurassic Park will starts at noon and Demolition Man at 3pm. When it is your turn to play, the scorekeeper will write your name down. When the game is over, your score will be written down next to your name. The highest scoring player will win a prize.

The Donald Anderson Memorial Tournaments

My older brother, Donald Anderson, died suddenly from a heart attack this year. He was a good person. Everyone who knew him has told me how kind and fun he was to know. He was someone who was always willing to help out others and stick up for people. He always took great joy from buying toys for his friend’s kids, mostly annoying and loud toys. He was someone I always looked up to, thought of as the cool guy, and I still find myself wanting to talk about and find out his thoughts on things. Someone who helped look out for me. Though he was also the person who held me down as a kid so the dog could lick my face, so there was that.

The con will honor his life and memory with two tournaments. He had a large board game collection and still had his video game systems from when he was a child to his modern systems. We are going to use some of his games for these tournaments.

The first tournament is Smash-Up, the hit shuffle building game from Alderac Entertainment Group.  In Smash Up players choose two factions, such as pirates, ninja, robots, zombies, and more, then combine their unique decks into a force to collect more points than other players. Don had the main game and several expansions.

We will be able to support up to 12 players to compete. It will be held over three rounds in small groups (eliminations of lowest scores if over six players show up). Sign-up here.

On the video game side of things we will be running one of the best first-person-shooters ever GoldenEye 007 for the N64. A game we played together with family and he spent many nights playing with friends in college.

Up to 16 players will go through a series of ten minute rounds with four players. Low score each round is eliminate from the tournament, the rest go on. Once down to four, it becomes winner take all. No Oddjob, random levels, alternating weapon choices. Pre-reg here.

We will have special prizes for the winners of each tournament.


Guest Game Creator Lesser Earth Games

Enthusiastic for nearly every aspect of gaming, Patrick Ferguson is the host of The Ultimate 5e Guide for SkullSplitter Dice on YouTube and has recently begun self-publishing board games. Based on a custom D&D setting for his gaming group, he and his friends created Lesser Earth Games to bring their off-beat ideas to life. Their first title, The R.I.P. Off,  is an asymmetrical horror game that combines strategy, RPG elements and no shortage of dark humor. Up to 8 players select from a variety of cliche Main Characters to try and make it through a Slasher movie. 3 turns into the game, one of these players will be randomly selected to take on the identity of an equally cliche Killer. They must now hunt down the remaining Main Characters to win the game. Basically, it is meant to give players everything they need to create a cheesy Slasher film. It even comes in an authentic VHS Rental Box for extra nostalgia. 

Patrick and Lesser Earth Games have also recently begun work on a Holiday-Themed title, as well as a party game that puts players in the shoes of fast food workers, the latter of which will be shown off for the first time at DualCon! Patrick hopes to continue making games that give veterans and new gamers something to play together (and to one day make his own dream TTRPG Rulebook).

Guest Writer JD Byrne

JD Byrne started practicing law in West Virginia more than 20 years ago. It wasn’t too long after that he decided he needed some chances to make up the story for once, to make it come out the way it should, or he’d go mad. He started writing short fiction, mostly science fiction with a little bit a fantasy thrown in, before he discovered National Novel Writing Month in 2007 and took a shot at writing longer stuff. Over several years, and more than a few false starts, he published his first novel, Moore Hollow in 2015. It’s a story of family secrets, political corruption, and zombies – but not the kind people usually think of.

In 2016, he released The Water Road, the first volume of the trilogy of the same name, to be followed by The Endless Hills (2016) and The Bay of Sins (2017). The trilogy is a story of explosive secrets revealed and the attempts by the woman who found them to keep them from consuming her world in a blaze of revenge.

In 2019, he released Gods of the Empire, the first volume of the Unari Empire trilogy, about a steampunk work whose single superpower is starting to show cracks. The two main characters navigate the shifting world while digging deep for secrets that others wish would remain hidden. Widows of the Empire (2021) continues the saga, while Heroes of the Empire will bring it all to a startling conclusion early in 2023.

Many of Byrne’s shorter works can be found on his website or in publications like Aether & Ichor and the Flash Fiction Podcast. His latest story, “The Consequences of Sin,” was part of The Dancing Plague: A Collection of Utter Speculation, released in the fall of 2022 by Speculation Publications.

Gaming Submissions Open

You can now submit games to DualCon on the Tabletop.Events site.

You do not have to have a badge to the convention to submit an event, but you do need an account to Tabletop.Events, which allows you to sign up to any event on their site. They work with conventions all over the country.

We are looking for board games, RPGs, card games, miniature games, video games, and anything else you can run.

You can also put in panels submissions.

Deadline for submissions is a week before the convention.

If you have any questions about games you want to submit or have a problem submitting it, please email Gaming@DualCon.net. Questions about panels or the like send to Entertainment@DualCon.net. If you do not see a response in a day check your spam filter.

Guest Creator Lasso Games

Founded in 2015, Lasso Games started as a small development studio working on various small scale projects. 

Collaborating with institutions in the Tri-State area such as the Clay Center, Mountwest, and Explorer Academy; Lasso Games has helped to foster game development techniques in this region of Appalachia.

In 2018, Jack co-founded the Appalachian Game Creators Association with various members of the Huntington game development community. 

Then in 2020, Lasso Games became a publisher, releasing MiniLaw: Ministry of Law on the Steam gaming platform, which was a runner up in the 2017 Game Development World Championship in Helsinki, Finland.

Jack Daniels is founder and president of Lasso Games, LLC; an independent game publishing company out of Huntington, WV.

Receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Education in 2009 from Marshall University, Jack aims to bring game development into the field of education as a means of authentic, multi-disciplinary learning.

Jack currently works full-time as a software engineer, and runs Lasso Games in the evenings and weekends.

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