Tsubasacon and Crash City Con

Tsubasacon is this weekend at the Charleston Convention Center in Charleston. Same place as DualCon will be but we will not be as big.

They will have 24 free to play arcade cabinets (focus on Japanese, fighters, and rhythm games) from Save Point; pachinko machines from Pachinko Fever; a Mobile Gaming area with Smash Tournaments, Animal Crossing and Pokémon meet-ups, and more; console gaming will be run by Aegis Gaming, with Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, and Mortal Kombat tournaments along with a mix of old and new consoles to play on.

On the Table-Top side of things they have several tournaments for TCGs (Magic, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Flesh and Blood), Pathfinder Society, board game demos with creators, Battletech demos, Marvel Crises Protocol, Gaslands, Warhammer 40k tournament, Ghastbashers, a Paint & Take (for $3.50 till they run out), and more.

DualCon will be running late night gaming on Friday and Saturday starting at 8pm. We will have a collection of board, card, dice, and miniature games based on animes, inspired by anime, Japanese translated games, and even some RPGs on Demand. Afraid no video games this time, but we will have a table in the vendors hall where you can catch us every now and then to chat with.

Guests for this are voice actors Chris Patton (Haikyuu, FMA, Princess Tutu), Cythia Craz (DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Case Closed), Bill Butts (Twitch Streamer, My Hero Academia, Genshin Impact), singer and musician Lisa Furukawa, and panelist groups Vitamin H and Interpret As You Will.

They will also be having a cosplay contest, Cosplay Prom, EDM Dance, panels on all kinds of subjects, video room, vendors and artists, manga library, game shows, concerts, and much more.

This weekend is also Crash City Con in Roanoke, VA for those who would like something a little smaller.

RPG sessions of D&D, Shadowrun, Dungeon Crawl Classic, Apokillypse RPG, Savage Worlds, GURPS, Pathfinder and Starfinder, and more; CCG tournaments and free play of Magic, My Hero Academia, Pokemon, Flesh and Blood, and Yu-Gi-Oh; Kids Gaming, Gaslands, and Cards Against Humanity.

Their Guest of Honor is award winning author RS Belcher. They will have panels on gaming and gaming creation, beatboxing, karaoke, cosplay panels and contest.

Go say hi to our friends at the con and tell them we would have liked to have been there too.


WyvaCon is a sci-fi con in Wytheville, Virginia on Saturday September 17th at the Wytheville Meeting Center. Admission is free, but donations are accepted too.

WyvaCon will have gaming, panels, Kidz Zone, trivia contest. and more fun. Their costume contest will be judged by national award winning costume artists Chris Dehart and Jessica Nicole Thompson. Andy’s Toys will be hosting tournaments for Pokémon and Magic CCGs and a Smash Bros tournament. They have several vendors selling collectibles and crafts. Also comic book artist Noah Sult and podcaster Steve Stanley.

They have opening for vendors till September 15th and for volunteers too.

We’ll be there with video games and board games to hang out with.

WV Pop Con X Lets Play Games Con

We are once again on the road to promote at another convention. This time up to Morgantown for WV Pop Con x Let’s Play Games Con on Saturday August 27th and Sunday August 28th at Mylan Park.

WV Pop Con will have creators of comics, books, and crafts; cosplayers, cosplay groups, and vendors with all kinds of things to sell. Featured guests for this year are Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, YouTube star Pittsburgh Dad, comic creators Brett Breeding, Ron Frenz, and Patrick Olliffe. There will be panels and a cosplay contests on both days (kids and teens on Saturday; adults on Sunday.

LPGWV is hosting gaming for this year. They have several table top games you can sign up for. Plus they have been working on some video gaming for all.

Expect plenty of games to play at our table as well. Come by, chat, and check out a game.

Pikeville Comic & Toy Con

DualCon will be out promoting at another convention, bringing along several games for all to play.

Come see us at Pikeville Comic & Toy Con is Saturday August 20th from 10am-6pm in Pikeville, KY at the Appalachian Wireless Arena.

They will have professional wrestlers (Jack the Snake, Ricky Steamboat, Shane Douglas, Barry Windham, Tito Santana), anime voice actors (Morgan Laure and Austin Tindle), and professional comic creators (Glenn Whitmore, Brian Shearer, Craig Boldman, and Bill Nichols) to meet.

They will also have bunch of vendors, artists, crafters, other creators, and more selling all kinds of things. Plus a costume contest.

Tickets are $12 per person and free for kids 10 and under.

DualCon at Beckley Gaming Expo

DualCon will be setting up at the Beckley Gaming Expo this Saturday July 30th from noon to 8pm at the Beckley Raleigh County Convention Center in Beckley.

They will have tournaments for Super Smash Bros, Guitar Hero III, Rocket League, Mario Kart 8, Call of Duty, Duck Hunt, Mortal Kombat 11, Dig Dug and Space Invaders on arcade machines, and a pinball tournament. Plus Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic: the Gathering tournaments.

There will also be D&D and Marvel Multiverse RPG demos.

They have also created their own Live Action Mario Kart Speedway for everyone to try.

They will have Free Play for console games, arcade machines, and pinball machines plus tables for open table top play.

There will be several vendors and exhibitors like us. We have been given plenty of room to set up video games and board games. Maybe even some real simple RPG.

Come by to play with us or just chat.

DualCon at CharCon and Final Boss Con

DualCon will be on the road at other cons promoting and meeting all we can.

We’ll be joining CharCon this Friday July 15th and Sunday July 17th at the Clay Center for the Arts in Charleston, WV. You’ll see

Games at the event include Play to Win Games, game library, Catan National Championship Qualifier, several other board games sessions and tournaments throughout the weekend, Pathfinder & Starfinder Society, Sparks D6 Star Wars, 5th Edition D&D, plus some other less know RPGs, Battletech, Star Trek Attack Wing, Pokemon and Digimon CCG tournaments, and others.

Non gaming events include kids and adults costume contest, vendors, Quick Draw with artists, showing the movie Willow on the Clay Center Planetarium (non CharCon attendess may see it for $10), improv show with game podcasters Blue Peg Pink Peg, Garrison Carida, Amancane Base, and more.

We will be missing Saturday at the con, cause we have another convention to go hang out then.

On Saturday July 16 we will be heading over to Final Boss Con in Rio Grande, Ohio at the University of Rio Grande Lyne Center from 10am to 6pm.

The University of Rio Grande eSports team will be on hand running games. There will also be Smash Bros 64 and Super Smash Bros Melee tournaments, Anime and Retro Nintendo Quizzes, Cosplay Contest, a panel from game designer and story and timeline writer for Dark Horizons Universe Brian Hammack, and a Magic: The Gathering tournament.

Admission is $5, plus kids 3 and under are free.

At both conventions we will have tables set up to promote at. We will also have games for you to come play while hanging out with us. So we hope to see you at least one of these conventions.

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