Sponsor Donations

I wanted to share some game donations we have gotten from game companies.

Atlas Games has given us two card games; Gloom and Murder of Crows.

Headless Hydra Press has given us three of their Sandbox Adventures modules for 5E.

From Restoration Games we have gotten Berried Games and Battle of Legends Volume Two.

See these games as prizes during the con you could win. Keep an eye out for where they go.

Check out these companies and their games. Give them a thanks from us.

I do apologize for the bad photos.

Badges on Sale

Pre-registration for the convention is now open. We offer two badges that do the same thing.

Table-Top Support Gamer Pass for $10

Video Game Support Gamer Pass for $10.

What is the difference between these two badges you are most likely asking? Nothing really. They both get you into all parts of the con. You only need to buy one. Think of it as a voting system for which side of gaming you are more interested in. The Duel of DualCon.

We will be offering free passes to those who run games for the convention, so if you plan to run a game hold off till game submission is up before buying a pass.

There is no planned VIG (Very Important Gamer) level of pass, but we intend to offer anything special we can provide to pre-registered attendees. This can include donated swag, special promotions, bonuses in games, and more.

Everyone 10 and over will require a pass to attend. Those 9 and under only will require one if you wish to play games, play in tournaments, or enter contests. They may still shop, see panels, and hang out with fellow fans.

Badges are sold through Tabletop Events. You will need to sign-up with them first before buying a pass, but they handle registration for several conventions, and you can register with any of them with the same account.

Registration at the con will be $15.

Order you badge today, and Let It Begin.

Update: We did change the age required for a badge.

Game Bundles for Charity

I wanted to bring attention to two bundles full of games for different charities to support on the indie platform Itch.io.

The first is one to raise money to help during the war in Ukraine. 736 creators are offering up 998 table-top RPGs, computer games, music, game development tools, comics, books, and more for a donation as low as $10. The money raised will be split between International Medical Corps and Voices of Children.

Two days left to help them reach their goal of $6,000,000. They are already over $5 million.

The other one is smaller, with 493 items from 300 creators, but still a good cause. A fundraiser to fight for trans rights in Texas. Proceeds will be split between Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) and Organizacion Latina de Trans en Texas (OLTT). This one is all table-top RPGs. They have also partnered with Hit Point Press, Solarian Games, and Monte Cook Games where if you send them a screenshot of your reciept you get more games from them.

They are running 19 more days to raise $420,000.

Lots of great games in either bundle. Maybe something new that could be played at the con. Both good causes to support.

Date Change

Well the date we had was less secured than I thought it was when I announced the con. The Internatinal Auto Show is going to be Jan 30 – Feb 6 taking over the whole building, so we lose out on that date. Instead the convention will be Februrary 11, 2023.

The good news is this gives another week to plan. The bad news is I’m stuck with a bunch of flyers with the wrong date now.

Let It Begin


A con with two sides. One for table-top gaming: RPGs, board games, miniatures, LARPS, card games, and dice games. Another for video gaming: console games, arcade machines, compture games, mobile devices, pinblal, VR, and simulator. The plan is to fill each side of the hall with games, vendors, creators, and related aspects of each type of gaming. Like two cons for one.

Gaming brings joy to so many. Something fun to do. Opens up imagination. Teaches us new things and skills. And most importantly brings us closer to others. Making new friends, deepen older friendships, and developing a sense of community with fellow gamers. That is what we are about; play games, talk about games, build games, and love games.

If you want to help, there are several ways. First spread the word to everyone you know who likes gaming of any type. Pre-register when it goes live. Volunteer to help run the convention with us. Run games for the convention. This is a big thing. A gaming convention is nothing without people to run games. We are definetly looking for people to help with the video game side of things. People to bring machines and run tournaments. If you have an idea of games to run, let us know so we can help you bring your idea to our con for all to enjoy.

So raise your goblet or energy drink to this journey that we are going on. To DualCon. Let It Begin.

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