WV Pathfinder Society

The West Virginia Pathfinder & Starfinder Society runs games of Pathfinder and Strfinder RPGs as part of Paizo’s organized play. You can join them and take your own created character through games at local shops and conventions over various campaigns. They meet normally on Sundays at 1pm for games at the Rifleman in South Charleston. They will be running an Anniversary Extravaganza on Saturday February 18th.

They are running demos of Pathfinder 2 at the convention. They will be two hour sessions at 10am, noon, 2pm, and 4pm.

Lightsaber Group The Imperial Legion

The Imperial Legion are a performanced-based Martial Arts and Live Action Role-Playing Group in Ashland & Morehead, KY. They put on non-choreographed duels, performances, and train in sci fi combat. Their goal: great shows, entertain audiences, and of course have a lot of fun!

They meet three times a week to train in the lightsaber forms from Star Wars. We are a blend of martial arts and role-playing. They have two factions: Jedi and Sith. Each faction has four classes. They want to provide the most unique and engaging LARP experience that you will find in the area. They are geared towards working hard and having fun. All are welcome.

Game Group Marshall Smashers

Marshall Smashers are a student organization at Marshall University for Super Smash Bros. Their goal is foster a competitive yet casual friendly environment to play. They are built upon friendly competition, but competition nonetheless.

They host free are weekly tournaments of Super Smash Bros. Melee and Ultimate at the Morrow Library Commons Area at 7pm during fall and spring semesters. Everyone is welcome even non Marshall students. All skill levels are encouraged to come and have some fun. You can bring your own set up to share. You are welcome to bring your own controllers too.

Their next event for is on December 2nd. You can sign-up on site beginning at 6:30pm, but it is recommended you register online through StartGG. They hope to see you soon.

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The Outer Rim Praxeum Lightsaber School

The Outer Rim Praxeum Lightsaber School practices a performance martial art based on their interpretation of the seven lightsaber forms of the Star Wars universe. They teach our students to create movie-like duels that appear to be choreographed, but are actually competitive and almost wholly improvised.

Founded in Fairmont in 2015, they have since attracted an expanding fan base and appeared at over 100 events in West Virginia and beyond! They are a not-for-profit organization and strive for positive engagement with our fans and community through fundraisers, children’s events, and other worthy causes.
Since 2018, they have been collecting financial donations for the WVU Children’s Hospital through giveaways and good-natured Light Side vs. Dark Side competitions.
They have previously supported the local Jack Strong Foundation.

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We Train as One
We Learn as One
We Teach as One
We Fight as One

Gaming Group Blue Falcon Board Gaming

Blue Falcon Board Gaming is a gaming group in the Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia tristate area founded by US Marine Corps Veteran Corey Clark. The group hopes to promote positive mental health through board gaming by assisting community organizations and events making board gaming more accessible to everyone by hosting game demos and playthroughs.

They will be running board game demos at the convention and helping out with the our mental health and gaming panel.

Keep up with them on their Facebook Page.

Some up coming events from them:

June 25th- Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances demo at Bear’s Lair Games in Havelock, NC

July 2nd- Sherlock: Case Connection demo at The Board Room in Charleston WV

July 10th- Pocket Detective Season 1 demo at The Board Room in Charleston WV

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