Gaming Submissions Open

You can now submit games to DualCon on the Tabletop.Events site.

You do not have to have a badge to the convention to submit an event, but you do need an account to Tabletop.Events, which allows you to sign up to any event on their site. They work with conventions all over the country.

We are looking for board games, RPGs, card games, miniature games, video games, and anything else you can run.

You can also put in panels submissions.

Deadline for submissions is a week before the convention.

If you have any questions about games you want to submit or have a problem submitting it, please email Questions about panels or the like send to If you do not see a response in a day check your spam filter.

Open Call for Staff Members

DualCon is looking for people to join in planning and running of the convention.

Are you interested in helping to plan DualCon? Do you have an idea about how to run something at the con or want to be the person in charge of a section of the convention? Contact the con and let us know how you want to help. No experience is necessary, just have drive and a vision. Computer technical skills and graphic design are in high demand.

We are looking for people to help in the promotional work for the con. Mostly for people willing to travel to other conventions to work promotional tables and interact with fans.

The work doesn’t stop at the con. We will need people to set-up, tear down, and run the con on the day. If you just want to do some simple work to get a pass for the con this level is for you.

As far as compensation goes, DualCon can not really offer much right now. A lot of work for a cheap badge, but you will get in the ground floor and can help the con grow.

Contact the convention at about joining the con.

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