Thank You

It has been a few days since the convention and I finally have gotten everything sorted out so now I can thank you all for coming. Thank you for making it a success. Thank you for having fun when I was too stressed out to have any of my own.

The con was not all I wanted it to be, but that did not seem to matter to anyone but me.

Now for some house keeping.

There was 245 paid attendees and all the vendors, guests, staff, and events runners.

We raised $1056 for the AFSP from the auction and raffle. Which I think is amazing.

Someone left a beige jacket tat the convention. Let me know if you think it is yours’s.

I want to make sure Third Floor Comics and WV Pop Con get a mention here since they were only unable to show up at the last minute but helped us out.

I want to know what you all think and learn to be better. Share your thoughts please. Send any complaints, feedback, or suggestions to

I have some people I want to give special thanks to. I am not very good at expressing myself at writing, too many thoughts in my head trying to get out at once, but I will try.

Special Thanks To:

Outer Rim, Anthony, Horror of Babylon, and Final Boss Con for being early and frequent supporters of me and the convention.

To all who helped spread the word of the event.

To all who ran games, sat on panels, and anything else to make the convention more interesting to be at.

Kat, Mossy, Paige, and those that stepped in whose names I do not know for handling the Cosplay Contest for me. I know you had to

Aaron for coming out and watching over the video games for me. You put in dedication to watching over everything. A true friend.

Jeramiah and Jessica for all your help in setting up and directing everyone.

My family who came out to help me, even if I was not the best at showing my appreciation or giving you directions: my mother, father, step-mother, my aunts (one paternal, one maternal), cousin, sister in law, and basically my second mother.

I hope you all will join in next year as well.

And the Adventure Continues

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