DualCon Map

W1Shelly Jarvis BooksN1TsubasaconN17Fyre GamesSVariegated Velociraptor
W2Huntress StudiosN2CharConN18Mon River GamesS2Valiant’s Portal
W3Horror of BabylonN3WyvaconN19Lasso GamesS3Special Beam Designs
W4Rand Geek Culture WVN4Final Boss ConN20Henlo PressS4Mike’s Mini Figs
W5Kanawha Valley Astronomical SocietyN5Bryan LarchN21Terry BartletS5Dragon’s Den
W6Outer RimN6Noble QuestsN22JD ByrneS6Resonant Media Arts
W7Imperial LegionN7Lesser Earth GamesN23John RussoS7Forever Nerdy
W8Barony of Black StoneN8Oh CrapN24Gary VincentS8Pikeville Comic Con
W9Katwoman CosplayN9Pithy ProductionsS9Two Tinkers
W10Mossly KenzieN10Arthos WorldS10Ramsey Creative Emporium
W11Sparkletime StoreN11Lonely Hero GamesS11Third Floor Comics
N12Blue FalconS12CauseaCon
E1American Foundation for Suicide PreventionN13Charlie West PinballS13Beckly Game Expo
E2Charity RaffleN14USS MountaineerS14Frontier Fiber
E3Life SizeN15Board Game HouseS15Yojimbu Inc
FiguresN16Derek Croston

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