Update: Panels At DualCon

There will be various roundtables with our guests sharing their knowledge and experience. Plus some talk on mental health for those who deal with their own problems or those who know people who do. All panels are one hour with 30 minute gaps in between. Panels rooms are in the West Hall 2 at the back of the hall. The ‘rooms’ are separated by a curtain so try not to disturb the other room.

Panel Room 1

RPG Creator Roundtable at 9:30am

by Pithy Productions, Arthos World, Bryan Larch, Noble Quests

Talk to creators of RPG systems, modules, and worlds. Hear how they created their works and brought them to market.

Board Game Creator Roundtable at 11am

by Lesser Earth Games, Richie Ray, Critically Absurd TV, Lonely Hero Games

Hear from the creators of various board games share how they created their game and got them published.

Video Game Creator Roundtable at 12:30pm

by Derek Croston, Fyre Games, Mon River Games, Lasso Games

Hear from the creators of various computer games share how they created their game and brought them out.

Podcast Roundtable at 2pm

by Random Geek Culture WV, Horror of Babylon, Too Opinionated, Board Game House

Hear from our Podcast Guests about how they run their shows

Streamers Roundtable at 6:30pm

by Horror of Babylon, JP Gotrokkits, MystiqueSiren

Talk to some streamers about how they stream, what they do on them, and how to do your own.

Character Development (Star Wars LARP) at 8pm

by the Imperial Legion

This panel will go over the basic foundations of building a character for a Star Wars LARP and how to be indepth and reasonable for roleplay

Dual or Duel: The Relationship between TTRPGs & Video Games at 9:30pm, for 90 minutes

by Olivia Serio

Board games and video games often feel like two sides of the same coin. Or the same side of two different coins. What are the strengths of each form and where do they overlap? How have these worlds been bridged in the past and how can they build each other up looking forward?

Panel Room 2

Local Fandom Clubs at 10am

by Outer Rim, Imperial Legion Barony of Blackstone, Garrison Corellia, USS Mountaineer

Talk to members of some local clubs and organizations based around various fandoms. Learn about finding, joining, participating, and starting your own.

Writers Roundtable at 11:30am

by John Russo, Gary Vincent, JD Byrne, Terry Bartlet, Henlo Press

Hear from some writers on how they come up with their stories, write out their work, and get their work published.

Cosplay and Mental Health at 1pm

by Katwoman Cosplay, Mossly Kenzie, Paige

Katwoman Cosplay and friends discuss mental health in the cosplay community and how to combat the bad sides of our thoughts.

Gaming and Mental Health at 2:30pm

by John Prentice, WV AFSP, MystiqueSiren

A round-table discussion on how gaming can help the mental health of players and learn what you can do to help your own.

Cosplay 101: From Creation to Content at 6pm

by Katwoman Cosplay

Cosplay 101 with guest Katwoman Cosplay on almost everything you need to start cosplaying!

The Horrror of Babylon LIVE | Uzumaki by Junji Ito at 7:30pm

by Horror of Babylon

Welcome to “The Horror of Babylon”, your favorite horror book club podcast. Join us as we delve into the depths of literature’s most warped minds. During this special LIVE episode, we will host a discussion of Junji Ito’s iconic manga, Uzumaki.

Talk to the Con Director at 9pm

by Nicholas Anderson

Talk directly the Convention Director Nicholas Anderson.

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