Convention Update

A few updates to go over.

  1. I have not been able to gather as many people to bring games and set-up. If I had gone with the original plan space layout we would have ended up with a lot of open unused space. So I have chosen to cut back on how much of the convention center we will be using. We still have games to play. We will have video game free play, tournaments, Paint & Take, pinball, cosplay contest, plenty of panels with guests, charity auction, hang out space to meet fellow games, and more. I still feel their is still value to coming. I mean the best part of a convention is just meeting other fans.
    Though cause there will not be as much as I hoped, I am not going to charge on site fee of $15. It will be $10.
  2. The schedule is coming along. I am still waiting for some groups to submit their games.
  3. Ticketing for events is now on. You can sign up for events in the schedule if you have pre-registered.
  4. Check under the Headers of the page to see more info about what will be at the con.
  5. I will make posts with information about the various things around the convention over this week so everyone knows what is going on.
  6. Just so you now, the Video Game Supporter is leading in sales.

Let It Begin

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