Guest Game Creator Lesser Earth Games

Enthusiastic for nearly every aspect of gaming, Patrick Ferguson is the host of The Ultimate 5e Guide for SkullSplitter Dice on YouTube and has recently begun self-publishing board games. Based on a custom D&D setting for his gaming group, he and his friends created Lesser Earth Games to bring their off-beat ideas to life. Their first title, The R.I.P. Off,  is an asymmetrical horror game that combines strategy, RPG elements and no shortage of dark humor. Up to 8 players select from a variety of cliche Main Characters to try and make it through a Slasher movie. 3 turns into the game, one of these players will be randomly selected to take on the identity of an equally cliche Killer. They must now hunt down the remaining Main Characters to win the game. Basically, it is meant to give players everything they need to create a cheesy Slasher film. It even comes in an authentic VHS Rental Box for extra nostalgia. 

Patrick and Lesser Earth Games have also recently begun work on a Holiday-Themed title, as well as a party game that puts players in the shoes of fast food workers, the latter of which will be shown off for the first time at DualCon! Patrick hopes to continue making games that give veterans and new gamers something to play together (and to one day make his own dream TTRPG Rulebook).

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