Call for Volunteers

DualCon is looking for people to join running the convention.

Are you interested in helping to run DualCon? Contact the con and let us know how you want to help. No experience is necessary.

We will need people to set-up, tear down, and run the con on the day. If you just want to do some simple work to get a pass for the con this is for you.

As far as compensation goes, DualCon can not really offer much right now. A lot of work for a cheap badge, but you will get in the ground floor and can help the con grow.

Contact the convention at about joining the con.

The Donald Anderson Memorial Tournaments

My older brother, Donald Anderson, died suddenly from a heart attack this year. He was a good person. Everyone who knew him has told me how kind and fun he was to know. He was someone who was always willing to help out others and stick up for people. He always took great joy from buying toys for his friend’s kids, mostly annoying and loud toys. He was someone I always looked up to, thought of as the cool guy, and I still find myself wanting to talk about and find out his thoughts on things. Someone who helped look out for me. Though he was also the person who held me down as a kid so the dog could lick my face, so there was that.

The con will honor his life and memory with two tournaments. He had a large board game collection and still had his video game systems from when he was a child to his modern systems. We are going to use some of his games for these tournaments.

The first tournament is Smash-Up, the hit shuffle building game from Alderac Entertainment Group.  In Smash Up players choose two factions, such as pirates, ninja, robots, zombies, and more, then combine their unique decks into a force to collect more points than other players. Don had the main game and several expansions.

We will be able to support up to 12 players to compete. It will be held over three rounds in small groups (eliminations of lowest scores if over six players show up). Sign-up here.

On the video game side of things we will be running one of the best first-person-shooters ever GoldenEye 007 for the N64. A game we played together with family and he spent many nights playing with friends in college.

Up to 16 players will go through a series of ten minute rounds with four players. Low score each round is eliminate from the tournament, the rest go on. Once down to four, it becomes winner take all. No Oddjob, random levels, alternating weapon choices. Pre-reg here.

We will have special prizes for the winners of each tournament.


Guest Game Creator Lesser Earth Games

Enthusiastic for nearly every aspect of gaming, Patrick Ferguson is the host of The Ultimate 5e Guide for SkullSplitter Dice on YouTube and has recently begun self-publishing board games. Based on a custom D&D setting for his gaming group, he and his friends created Lesser Earth Games to bring their off-beat ideas to life. Their first title, The R.I.P. Off,  is an asymmetrical horror game that combines strategy, RPG elements and no shortage of dark humor. Up to 8 players select from a variety of cliche Main Characters to try and make it through a Slasher movie. 3 turns into the game, one of these players will be randomly selected to take on the identity of an equally cliche Killer. They must now hunt down the remaining Main Characters to win the game. Basically, it is meant to give players everything they need to create a cheesy Slasher film. It even comes in an authentic VHS Rental Box for extra nostalgia. 

Patrick and Lesser Earth Games have also recently begun work on a Holiday-Themed title, as well as a party game that puts players in the shoes of fast food workers, the latter of which will be shown off for the first time at DualCon! Patrick hopes to continue making games that give veterans and new gamers something to play together (and to one day make his own dream TTRPG Rulebook).

Guest Creator Richie Ray

West Virginia native Richie Ray combines his professional skills with personal humor, creating the hilarious new trading card game Oh Crap!

As lead designer for That Banner Guy, he creates custom designs and prints items for professional clients nationwide. His company, specializing in ready made and custom novelty items, was among the top 10% of Etsy sellers in 2020, only two years after its founding.

The idea for Oh Crap! flourished from his son’s love of trading card games and a shared love of scatological humor with his wife. Ray committed to creating a game that is both fun and funny for all ages, with dynamic play that’s easy to learn. After partnering with friend and artist Gavin McDonald, he quickly realized the cards also serve as a collectible novelty due to the originality of the artwork and humor.  You can find more info at or on all social media at OhCrapTCG.

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