Guest Creator Lasso Games

Founded in 2015, Lasso Games started as a small development studio working on various small scale projects. 

Collaborating with institutions in the Tri-State area such as the Clay Center, Mountwest, and Explorer Academy; Lasso Games has helped to foster game development techniques in this region of Appalachia.

In 2018, Jack co-founded the Appalachian Game Creators Association with various members of the Huntington game development community. 

Then in 2020, Lasso Games became a publisher, releasing MiniLaw: Ministry of Law on the Steam gaming platform, which was a runner up in the 2017 Game Development World Championship in Helsinki, Finland.

Jack Daniels is founder and president of Lasso Games, LLC; an independent game publishing company out of Huntington, WV.

Receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Education in 2009 from Marshall University, Jack aims to bring game development into the field of education as a means of authentic, multi-disciplinary learning.

Jack currently works full-time as a software engineer, and runs Lasso Games in the evenings and weekends.

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