Guest Creator Arthos World

Introduce yourself to the World of Arthos! Read Brian Tenace’s debut fantasy/steampunk series, “The Andarian Prophecy“, or enjoy the 5th Edition compatible RPG campaign and supplements. The Storms of War campaign boxed set includes everything: a level 1-8 campaign, a supplementary item hardcover, a monster supplement, and a book with optional rules and subraces to help immerse yourself in the world of Arthos.

Brian’s creative realm spans a high fantasy world reminiscent of Tolkien and J.K. Rowling. The Andarian Prophecy introduces dragons, giants, elves, magic, tech-savvy gnomes, mind-control, and the politics of a completely developed world without being pedantic. Join the epic war to free the people of Andaria from slavery!

If role-playing is more your style, sample the Storms of War. The module introduces players to the small island of Landt, where they crash-land following a mysteriously powerful storm. The entire campaign gives the “open-world” feel while maintaining a well-structured plot. Tons of plot-relevant random encounters with creatures players have never met offer a challenge for even veteran players of 5th Edition! Can you escape the island of Landt?

Welcome to Arthos!

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