Vendor Forever Nerdy

Created For Nerds, By Nerds

A small business with a big heart. They sell homemade items that are fun to play with and a comfort for all ages.

They sell Crocheted Action Figures and Little Furries sensory toys which are stuffed animals with Squish balls inside them, as well as shoulder friends.

Check them out.

If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to reach out, they would love to hear from you.



Guest Game Creator FYRE Games

A junior at WVU, Conner Rush is the founder and sole permanent member of FYRE Games, an independent video game studio that specializes in narrative experiences.  Starting in 2014 when Conner was roughly 12 years old, FYRE Games has found success in numerous games, including their contribution to the Dread X Collection 5 anthology with “We Never Left“, The interactive album companion of The Colossus Is Coming: The Interactive Experience, and most importantly the free-to-play hit walking simulator SummerlandWith a dedicated fanbase and a mission to create a positive environment for both players and developers, Conner and FYRE Games show no signs of slowing down with a new horror-focused project currently in the works.

Paint & Take

Join local Twitch Streamer JP Gotrokkits as he hosts the DualCon Paint & Take event featuring Reaper brand miniatures!

One miniature per participant, the first figure is free, additional figures may be purchased for $3 each. Paints and brushes supplied and are common to the event.

JP Gotrokkits has been painting for over thirty years and has done work for Ral Partha Legacy and Sea Dog Game Studios.  He will be more than happy to share painting advice, tips and tricks during the event.

Guest Painter and Streamer JP Gotrokkits

JP Gotrokkits started painting around 1989, his first figures were from RAFM, Grenadier, and a little company called Ral Partha.  Soon Citadel miniatures appeared at his local shop and took the spotlight.  He has painted figures ranging in subjects from Science Fiction, Fantasy and History, in most of the popular scales, and from most of the popular companies, between 6mm to 32mm.  As he matured in the hobby, he met with Sea Dog Game Studios and built terrain and painted miniatures for their Sailpower and TechCommander game lines.  Sometimes things come full circle and a few years ago he came into contact with Ral Partha Legacy, who have re-released many of the figures that enthralled him in his youth, which gave him the privilege to paint several units for their studio armies and online catalogue.  

Of late he has been operating a Twitch channel twice a week where he paints both commissions and pieces from his Pile Of Opportunity.  He started the channel in hopes of being an encouraging voice in the hobby for both new painters and old vets.  

If you’ve never painted a figure before, he invites you to make a little time to stop by and paint a figure at DualCon’s Paint & Take event, it can be your first step into a rewarding part of the gaming hobby at large.  The first one is free!

Mental Health Day and Out of the Darkness Walk

October 10th is Mental Health Day so we decided to share about an event our charity American Foundation for Suicide Prevention WV is doing soon in Charleston.

Through out the summer the AFSP has been doing Out of the Darkness Community Walks to unite communities and provide an opportunity to acknowledge the ways in which suicide and mental health conditions have affected our lives and the lives of those we love and care about. Plus raise some money too.
Their final walk for this year is October 22nd at Haddad Riverfront Park at 11am. You still have some time to start a team to raise money or just donate to one of the existing team. You can also volunteer to help or just go and support everyone on the day.

And if you need some help, or want to help someone close to you, you can reach out to them.

Guest Creator Lasso Games

Founded in 2015, Lasso Games started as a small development studio working on various small scale projects. 

Collaborating with institutions in the Tri-State area such as the Clay Center, Mountwest, and Explorer Academy; Lasso Games has helped to foster game development techniques in this region of Appalachia.

In 2018, Jack co-founded the Appalachian Game Creators Association with various members of the Huntington game development community. 

Then in 2020, Lasso Games became a publisher, releasing MiniLaw: Ministry of Law on the Steam gaming platform, which was a runner up in the 2017 Game Development World Championship in Helsinki, Finland.

Jack Daniels is founder and president of Lasso Games, LLC; an independent game publishing company out of Huntington, WV.

Receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Education in 2009 from Marshall University, Jack aims to bring game development into the field of education as a means of authentic, multi-disciplinary learning.

Jack currently works full-time as a software engineer, and runs Lasso Games in the evenings and weekends.

Guest Streamer Board Game House

Board Game House all started as three friends living in a duplex, Stephen lived upstairs and Megan and Derek lived downstairs.
In 2018, the three of us took a trip to Gen Con with two intentions, see Critical Role live and hang out with a few online friends in real life. Gen Con by and large was a secondary part of that. That weekend changed us, our views of the hobby, and the impact and importance of board games on us forever. Gen Con lives up to its tag line of, “The best 4 days in gaming.” If you have never been, go!

It was on the drive home that the conversation started about sharing our love of the hobby with the world. We knew that Twitch could be used for more than just video games from Critical Role and Geek & Sundry, but we noticed that even though there were some great channels, there wasn’t a huge board game presence. We are lucky enough now to have become friends with most of those streamers. So we decided Twitch was where we were going to make our mark and thus, Board Game House was born.

Our first official stream was October 15, 2018 (there was one attempt before that but we don’t talk about that).

At the beginning, we thought doing the stream was all about the games we played. We learned very quickly that that was not the case. People came for the games and stayed for the atmosphere that we are able to create but more importantly our community, the Neighborhood. The support and love that our amazing community exudes is beyond words. We would not have the motivation to keep going or frankly anything to even operate a stream without them. We love the Neighborhood and the foundation of this community are our amazing Mods and loyal neighbors. They are the best out there.

If you love board games and want to be part of an amazing, open, supportive, caring, generous community come join us. We play board games on the internet for YOU!

Guest Creator Arthos World

Introduce yourself to the World of Arthos! Read Brian Tenace’s debut fantasy/steampunk series, “The Andarian Prophecy“, or enjoy the 5th Edition compatible RPG campaign and supplements. The Storms of War campaign boxed set includes everything: a level 1-8 campaign, a supplementary item hardcover, a monster supplement, and a book with optional rules and subraces to help immerse yourself in the world of Arthos.

Brian’s creative realm spans a high fantasy world reminiscent of Tolkien and J.K. Rowling. The Andarian Prophecy introduces dragons, giants, elves, magic, tech-savvy gnomes, mind-control, and the politics of a completely developed world without being pedantic. Join the epic war to free the people of Andaria from slavery!

If role-playing is more your style, sample the Storms of War. The module introduces players to the small island of Landt, where they crash-land following a mysteriously powerful storm. The entire campaign gives the “open-world” feel while maintaining a well-structured plot. Tons of plot-relevant random encounters with creatures players have never met offer a challenge for even veteran players of 5th Edition! Can you escape the island of Landt?

Welcome to Arthos!

Tsubasacon and Crash City Con

Tsubasacon is this weekend at the Charleston Convention Center in Charleston. Same place as DualCon will be but we will not be as big.

They will have 24 free to play arcade cabinets (focus on Japanese, fighters, and rhythm games) from Save Point; pachinko machines from Pachinko Fever; a Mobile Gaming area with Smash Tournaments, Animal Crossing and Pokémon meet-ups, and more; console gaming will be run by Aegis Gaming, with Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, and Mortal Kombat tournaments along with a mix of old and new consoles to play on.

On the Table-Top side of things they have several tournaments for TCGs (Magic, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Flesh and Blood), Pathfinder Society, board game demos with creators, Battletech demos, Marvel Crises Protocol, Gaslands, Warhammer 40k tournament, Ghastbashers, a Paint & Take (for $3.50 till they run out), and more.

DualCon will be running late night gaming on Friday and Saturday starting at 8pm. We will have a collection of board, card, dice, and miniature games based on animes, inspired by anime, Japanese translated games, and even some RPGs on Demand. Afraid no video games this time, but we will have a table in the vendors hall where you can catch us every now and then to chat with.

Guests for this are voice actors Chris Patton (Haikyuu, FMA, Princess Tutu), Cythia Craz (DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Case Closed), Bill Butts (Twitch Streamer, My Hero Academia, Genshin Impact), singer and musician Lisa Furukawa, and panelist groups Vitamin H and Interpret As You Will.

They will also be having a cosplay contest, Cosplay Prom, EDM Dance, panels on all kinds of subjects, video room, vendors and artists, manga library, game shows, concerts, and much more.

This weekend is also Crash City Con in Roanoke, VA for those who would like something a little smaller.

RPG sessions of D&D, Shadowrun, Dungeon Crawl Classic, Apokillypse RPG, Savage Worlds, GURPS, Pathfinder and Starfinder, and more; CCG tournaments and free play of Magic, My Hero Academia, Pokemon, Flesh and Blood, and Yu-Gi-Oh; Kids Gaming, Gaslands, and Cards Against Humanity.

Their Guest of Honor is award winning author RS Belcher. They will have panels on gaming and gaming creation, beatboxing, karaoke, cosplay panels and contest.

Go say hi to our friends at the con and tell them we would have liked to have been there too.

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