Guest Creator D.R. Croston

D.R. Croston has been exhibiting at cons since 2007. He started as a webcomic creator. Later he moved on to indie print comics. Making fun of life and folklore through Method Comix and Unicorns Changed My Life was great, but while getting a degree in interactive multimedia he gained some small success as a Redbubble artist. He eventually became an official fan artist designing merch for Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and Weezer through a partnership program. Now Derek makes video games as a solo game developer. His first full game was Executrix’s Folly, an unforgiving dungeon crawler. His second full game is a shmup with a single and two player mode. Derek is currently making a platformer with cryptids called Moth Ma’am. Think of it as an extremely heavy Kirby with eye lasers and the air dash from Sonic 3. D.R. Croston has games available at Itch, Gamejolt, and Kartridge. He also created a Moth Ma’am card game that has three theme decks available (a mob enemies starter deck, a moth ma’am deck, and a Unicorns Changed My Life deck). You can find him on Instagram as @DRCroston.

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