DualCon at CharCon and Final Boss Con

DualCon will be on the road at other cons promoting and meeting all we can.

We’ll be joining CharCon this Friday July 15th and Sunday July 17th at the Clay Center for the Arts in Charleston, WV. You’ll see

Games at the event include Play to Win Games, game library, Catan National Championship Qualifier, several other board games sessions and tournaments throughout the weekend, Pathfinder & Starfinder Society, Sparks D6 Star Wars, 5th Edition D&D, plus some other less know RPGs, Battletech, Star Trek Attack Wing, Pokemon and Digimon CCG tournaments, and others.

Non gaming events include kids and adults costume contest, vendors, Quick Draw with artists, showing the movie Willow on the Clay Center Planetarium (non CharCon attendess may see it for $10), improv show with game podcasters Blue Peg Pink Peg, Garrison Carida, Amancane Base, and more.

We will be missing Saturday at the con, cause we have another convention to go hang out then.

On Saturday July 16 we will be heading over to Final Boss Con in Rio Grande, Ohio at the University of Rio Grande Lyne Center from 10am to 6pm.

The University of Rio Grande eSports team will be on hand running games. There will also be Smash Bros 64 and Super Smash Bros Melee tournaments, Anime and Retro Nintendo Quizzes, Cosplay Contest, a panel from game designer and story and timeline writer for Dark Horizons Universe Brian Hammack, and a Magic: The Gathering tournament.

Admission is $5, plus kids 3 and under are free.

At both conventions we will have tables set up to promote at. We will also have games for you to come play while hanging out with us. So we hope to see you at least one of these conventions.

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