Badges on Sale

Pre-registration for the convention is now open. We offer two badges that do the same thing.

Table-Top Support Gamer Pass for $10

Video Game Support Gamer Pass for $10.

What is the difference between these two badges you are most likely asking? Nothing really. They both get you into all parts of the con. You only need to buy one. Think of it as a voting system for which side of gaming you are more interested in. The Duel of DualCon.

We will be offering free passes to those who run games for the convention, so if you plan to run a game hold off till game submission is up before buying a pass.

There is no planned VIG (Very Important Gamer) level of pass, but we intend to offer anything special we can provide to pre-registered attendees. This can include donated swag, special promotions, bonuses in games, and more.

Everyone 10 and over will require a pass to attend. Those 9 and under only will require one if you wish to play games, play in tournaments, or enter contests. They may still shop, see panels, and hang out with fellow fans.

Badges are sold through Tabletop Events. You will need to sign-up with them first before buying a pass, but they handle registration for several conventions, and you can register with any of them with the same account.

Registration at the con will be $15.

Order you badge today, and Let It Begin.

Update: We did change the age required for a badge.

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